The PYBAR Group

Delivering expert capability without the complexity, the PYBAR group includes a number of specialty companies and divisions, comprising of underground mining contractor - PYBAR Mining Services with divisions in raiseboring, production drilling, cablebolting & shotcreting, mining electrical  -  JT Mining Electrical Contractors, Mine Services and  HMR Drilling services - exploration drilling contractor.  These entities operate as individual or an internally co-ordinated complete service.

Our expertise – in collaboration with our clients – provides more profitable approaches to mining projects, new ways to overcome problems and ensuring optimal equipment utilisation with safety as a number one focus.

What makes the PYBAR Group unique is a combination of flexibility, speed & mining know-how that is backed by significant resourcing, established infrastructure and an Australia-wide project network in NSW, QLD, WA, VIC and SA.

PYBAR employs 800+ people across 14 mining projects supported by a fleet of over 300 pieces of mining machinery & equipment.  Mining jobs across Australia and rewarding careers are on offer to qualified people. Visit our mining jobs section to see current vacancies.

PYBAR’s size and rapid growth over just 21 years is testament to its performance driven team.